FAQs About Obsessed Woodworking

We receive numerous inquiries from both our readers and various companies, prompting us to compile a list of the most common questions here for your convenience.

If there’s a question you have that isn’t covered in this section, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@obsessedwoodworking.com – we’re always here to help!

Who founded Obsessed Woodworking?

Matt Hagens founded Obsessed Woodworking in 2021. Obsessed Woodworking is a dedicated brand for woodworking enthusiasts, offering in-depth articles, guides, and tips on various woodworking techniques and projects. Our focus is on detailed, research-backed content.

Who writes the content for Obsessed Woodworking?

Our articles are written by experienced woodworkers and industry experts and then reviewed for accuracy by an editor.

How does Obsessed Woodworking make money?

We make money by selling ads on our site. All of our advertising is handled by Mediavine. Ads do not influence our editorial content or strategy. We are also affiliates to some brands and partners, such as Amazon. You can check out our press kit here.

Can I contribute a guest post or topic to Obsessed Woodworking?

In general, we handle all content production in-house to control quality measures. If you are interested in a specific topic, please reach out to us, and we might add it to our content production schedule. We do occasionally work with brands on sponsored advertising posts. We do not accept content in exchange for dofollow links.

How can I get in touch with you for queries or feedback?

For any inquiries or feedback, please contact us via our website’s contact form or email us at info@obsessedwoodworking.com.

How do you protect my privacy?

At Obsessed Woodworking, we take your privacy seriously. We adhere to strict data protection policies to ensure that your personal information is kept secure. Our website uses secure, encrypted connections to protect your data during transmission, and we comply with all relevant privacy laws and regulations. For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

Is Obsessed Woodworking on social media?

Yes, we are active on Facebook, X, Pinterest and Instagram.

How often is new content posted on Obsessed Woodworking?

We try to post new articles weekly to keep our community engaged and informed.