Who Owns Ridgid Tools?

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If I own a mutual fund that has Google in its portfolio, does that mean I own Google?  Or at least a tiny, tiny part of Google?  That would be cool

Ownership can sometimes be complicated, though, especially when you blend into it licensing rights.  The answer to the question of who owns Ridgid Tools is like that, and it will take a moment to climb the family tree of ownership for you.

TTI, Techtronics Industries Co Ltd.) is a large company based in Hong Kong.  It has a marketing reach that is worldwide and employs over 48,000 people.  It owns Milwaukee Tool, along with other power tool companies, and holds the licensing rights to some power tool brand names for cordless power tools.

Among those brand names are Ridgid and Ryobi.  To be clear, though, TTI owns the licensing rights to the brand names, but not the brand. 

Is Ridgid Owned By Home Depot?

Is Ridgid Owned By Home Depot

No, Ridgid is not owned by Home Depot, although it is easy to understand why this question is so often asked.  You’re accustomed to seeing the brand advertised by Home Depot, and if you’re a Home Depot customer, you’ve seen Ridgid power tools for sale there. 

Let’s go back a little in time to explain. 

The Ridgid Power Tool Company was founded in 1923 in Northridge, Ohio, although it later moved to Elyria, Ohio.  In 1966, The Ridgid Power Tool Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emerson Electric.  The manufacturing plant remains in Ohio, and Ridgid power tools are made in America.

A couple of Scotsmen, the brothers Charles and Alexander Meston, had an idea to produce electric motors.  They sought the financial backing of John Wesley Emerson, and in 1890, the Emerson Electric Company was formed. 

Initially producing electric fans, the company developed a reputation for quality products and expanded to include reliable electric motors for many purposes.  Today, Emerson Electric Company is a Fortune 500 publicly-traded company.  If you own stock in it, you own a tiny bit of the Ridgid Power Tool line, indirectly that is.

Are Ridgid and Ryobi The Same Company?

No, they are not the same company, but again, it is easy to understand why this question, too, is asked so often.

They are exclusively sold at Home Depot, which is why there is a bit of confusion about ownership.  They are both made by the same parent company, TTI, but as we have just explained, Ridgid is owned by the Ridgid Power Tool Company, which is wholly owned by Emerson Electric.

RIDGID 18V Brushless Sub-Compact Cordless 3 -inch Multi-Material Saw, R87547B

While TTI’s brand portfolio includes Milwaukee Electric Tool and Ryobi, it does not include Ridgid.  The licensing of the Ridgid brand includes the cordless power tool line; it does not include the hand tools so often used by plumbers.

Confused yet?  Sometimes unraveling ownership, licensing, and marketing in any industry can be, and it seems especially so in the power tool industry all over the world.

But, the short answer to the question, then, is no, they are not the same company.  However, there is further “cross-pollination” going on that is worth mentioning. 

Ryobi Power Tools is a brand of TTI, used under license from Ryobi Limited.  As you will recall, TTI also licenses the Ridgid brand for cordless power tools sold exclusively by Home Depot; and, Ryobi Power Tools are also sold exclusively by Home Depot.

Does Lowes Sell Ridgid Tools?

Does Lowes Sell Ridgid Tools

In case you missed that last section, let’s remind you that Ridgid power tools are available exclusively at Home Depot.  While in the past Lowes may have carried them, it’s Home Depot’s exclusive now. 

Lowes does sell DEWALT, Black + Decker, Metabo, Craftsman, and its own brand, Kobalt.  But it does not sell Ridgid Power Tools.

It’s not necessary to understand ownership and licensing of brands and brand names to buy or use a Ridgid power tool, of course.  To say it is a bit complicated might be an understatement.  But, now you know the answer. 

Should you ever find yourself in a game of Power Tool Trivial Pursuit, though, you are loaded with information that should help you win the game. 

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