What Size Screws Do I Need For Blum Drawer Slides and Hinges?

We recently presented an article on Blum and Blumotion soft-close cabinet doors, overhead lift systems, and drawer runners and glides, systems in our kitchen that we like very much.  It always feels so special to simply get the door or the drawer moving toward closing, and the hinges and slides take care of the rest.  Softly closing the doors and drawers rather than slamming or banging will likely extend the life of each and keep the kitchen a special place to cook.

Blum introduced those systems beginning in 2009 at their facility in Austria.  The original founder, Julius Blum, had begun with horseshoe studs that fit on horseshoes to keep a horse from slipping.  This was in 1952, and his family continues in ownership and an expanded product line that makes them one of the premier kitchen and bathroom cabinet and drawer fixture manufacturers in the world today.

In the United States, the Blum company opened a facility in Stanley, North Carolina, where its cabinet hardware and hinges are made.  If you are in the US and have a Blumotion system in your kitchen or bathroom, it was likely made there.

Do Blumotion Soft-Close Systems Come With Installation Instructions?

Don’t you hate when a product you’ve purchased leaves it up to you to figure out how to use it or install it?  Not to worry when it comes to Blum’s soft-close systems, whether cabinet hinges or drawer slides.  

While the systems do come with installation instructions, you will also find product details and instructions on the Blum website in downloadable form, as well as helpful videos that you can view on their site.

Do I Need Any Special Tools to Install a Blum Drawer Soft-Close System?

The tools you’ll need are already likely in your shop.  Something to measure with, something to drill with, and something to screw with, will do the task for you.  A power drill could be used to drill pilot holes, although they are not necessary; a hand screwdriver or a power screwdriver will be needed to set the screws when installing the drawer slides and glides.

In our earlier article on Blum and its soft-close cabinet and drawer systems, we offered a video that demonstrated the installation of Blum soft-close undermount drawer slides.  We have another video for you, this time from someone who installed the drawer slides for the first time.

What Size Screws Should You Use to Install Blum Soft-Close Drawer Slides? 

The Blum soft-close drawer slides use a steel screw with nickel plating.  The Blum wood screw #6 x ⅝ “ Phillips flat-head screw is the one for the job.  Its threads will provide a fast-driving experience that will offer a very strong holding in all standard drawer materials.

The head of the screw is slightly oversized and will make a durable connection to the side of the drawer.  If you are using a hand screwdriver, you might want to consider pilot holes at the appropriate spots along the side or bottom of the drawers.  If you are using a power screwdriver, though, a pilot hole is probably not necessary.

The screws are usually sold in a box of 100 and are available at large DIY stores, probably at your local hardware store, and certainly online at woodworking and general product retail stores.  The lowest price we found online is $3.10, plus shipping, but you’ll likely find them at real (not virtual) stores for around $4.00.

#6 x 5/8" Nickel Plated Flat Head Screws - #2 Philips Drive - Ideal for Installation of Cabinet Hinge & Drawer Slides - 100 Screws

We know how cool the soft-close cabinet hinges and drawers are in the kitchen, and we really do believe the extra cost for the systems for each cabinet and drawer is worth it.  Without the wear and tear of the occasional slam that can cause a cabinet or drawer to wiggle in place, we expect all of them to last our kitchen for a very long time to come.  

If you have a kitchen or bathroom project coming up in your home, you’ll find installation to be easy and straightforward.  Check out our earlier article here to learn more and to see more installation videos.  You’ll be glad to have the Blum systems, and your kitchen will feel a bit more special to you.

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