How To Attach Sandpaper To An Orbital Sander

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Proper sanding is a key step in almost all woodworking projects. While hand sanding is an option, it’s time-consuming (and not much fun).

A more efficient choice is using a power sander, particularly a random orbital sander. As sandpaper wears out, it needs replacing, and most orbital sanders have easy attachment systems like hook and loop.

In this quick article, I’ll guide you on quickly and correctly changing the sandpaper on a random orbital sander, ensuring great results for your projects.

Attaching Hook and Loop Sandpaper

  1. Unplug the sander and lay it upright on your work surface.
  2. The sanding plate is the part that has the hooks; the sandpaper discs have the loops. It works just like Velcro.
  3. Press the sandpaper disc against the sanding plate evenly, aligning the disc with the sides of the plate.
  4. Plug the sander in and test it on a piece of wood to make sure the sandpaper has attached fully – – the hooks have latched onto the loops securely.

Attaching Self-Adhesive Sandpaper (PSA)

  1. Unplug the sander and lay it on its side or upright on your work surface.
  2. Make sure the sanding plate is clean and clear of accumulated dust and fine sanding debris.
  3. Remove the paper backing of the sandpaper, expose the self-adhesive, and attach it to the plate by pressing it evenly, smoothing out any folds or bubbles.
  4. Plug the sander in and test it on a piece of wood to ensure the paper has attached well and evenly.

After an extended period of use, check the paper and the surface you are sanding to make sure the paper still has sufficient grit to do its job and is not becoming frayed or loosened at the corners.

This is far less likely with hook and loop sandpaper, as the hooks and loops are not likely to loosen.

Conversion kits are available if your orbital sander uses self-adhesive sandpaper and you want to convert it to hook-and-loop sandpaper.  A sanding plate with the hooks part of the Velco system can be attached to the sander in just a few steps.

Can You Use Regular Sandpaper on Orbital Sanders?

How Do You Keep Sandpaper on an Orbital Sander

What kind of sandpaper do you use on an orbital sander?  Well, you can use regular sandpaper on one, with no need to use a finishing sandpaper.  It is the motion, the circular (orbital) motion, that provides a smooth finish.  So, even regular sandpaper will give you the finish you want for your project.

The choice, then, becomes the type of sandpaper and how it is attached to the sanding plate.  And the sanding plate determines the type.  The choices are self-adhesive, on the one hand, and hook and loop, on the other.

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