7 DEWALT DCN660 Nailer Problems You Can Solve Now

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The DEWALT DCN660 finish nailer has become a staple in the toolkits of both professional carpenters and woodworkers.

Renowned for its reliability and precision, this cordless nail gun streamlines the finishing process, making it a go-to for a variety of projects. However, even the most dependable tools can encounter issues.

Addressing common problems with the DEWALT DCN660 is crucial for maintaining its performance and extending its lifespan.


DEWALT DCN660 problems often involve jammed nails, battery issues, or misaligned drive blades. Regular maintenance and proper use can prevent most issues.

Identifying and Resolving DEWALT Finish Nailer Problems

We’ve found a number of varied complaints and problems reported, and some of them involve replacing parts, while others involve what we consider to be regular and best practices power tool maintenance. 

1. Drive Blade Alignment and Replacement

The driver assembly of the nail gun houses the driver blade, the part that “drives” the nail into the wood.  If it becomes misaligned in some way, the gun will not push it against the head of the nail squarely, and the gun will malfunction. 

If you are patient and can read manuals well, replacing the driver blade in the driver assembly is only a moderately difficult task.  The part is not expensive, but having a qualified repair service center take care of it for you will run a few bucks.

Check to see if there is a licensed service center near you and get a price; if the measure of pain you will experience replacing it yourself is less than the cost, pick up the part and DIY; if the pain is greater, bring it to the service center for the work.

2. Clearing Jammed Fasteners

When the light on the DEWALT DCN660 begins to flash during operation, that’s a signal your fastener is jammed.  Of course, make sure the fastener is compatible with the tool (use the DEWALT-branded battery) and the fit is proper and tight.  

3. Depth Adjustment: Achieving the Perfect Nail Set

We should also mention too deep here and not simply not deep enough.  The DEWALT DCN660 has a depth adjustment dial.  Make sure it is set properly for your desired depth, depending on the nail you are using. 

This can be as simple as a slight adjustment, frankly, so check this first.  The rest of the diagnosis, though, if the setting on the depth adjustment wheel is correct, might be a bit more than you will want to tackle.

That service center call might be needed again, at least for the diagnosis.

4. Jammed Nails

This one likely requires the DEWALT DCN660 to be opened up to un-jam the nail.  It’s sort of like the jammed piece of paper in your copier – you open up the machine, remove the jammed piece of paper, close it back up, and keep copying.

The manual that comes with the nailer will point you in the right direction on how to do this.  If it happens consistently, though, once again, you should keep that service center number handy.

5. Magazine Maintenance

Part of tool ownership is proper maintenance.  Faulty magazine performance may be nothing more than it’s dirty and needs a cleaning.  This should be a regular part of ongoing power tool care.

You run the risk of personal injury, whether from a saw blade, a drill, or a nail gun.  Follow the manual’s recommended cleaning suggestions, keep your power tools in good working condition, and these issues won’t arise for you.

6. Dirty Nails

Yes, dirty nails.  If you use dirty nails, you’ll get a faulty magazine.  Everything in your DEWALT DCN660, as well as in every other power tool, works together in unison to make the whole tool function well.

If you load dirty nails into your gun, you’ll clog the magazine; refer back to the previous section on faulty magazines, and you’ll see the point.  So, don’t use dirty nails.  Simple.

7. Battery Inspection and Troubleshooting

It may seem obvious to state, but be sure you’ve checked the battery pack.  Your gun is not going to work with a dead battery pack.  Just as a test, install a fresh battery pack in the gun and give it a test.

If the gun still fails to work, then you can move on to other diagnostics.  It’s no different than making sure the toaster is plugged in, and the outlet isn’t faulty.  If you are still stumped, reach for that service center number and give it a call.

Navigating Warranty and Repair Services

If your tool is still under warranty protection, don’t hesitate to contact DEWALT with your complaint and insist the warranty be honored.

It may mean having to send the tool to DEWALT for that warranty work, or it might involve taking the tool to a licensed service center for repair at DEWALT’s expense. 

Video Review of the DEWALT DCN660

For those of you not familiar with this particular tool, here’s a review from one of us – a woodworking enthusiast in his home woodworking shop.

We could have chosen a repair video, but thought it would be better to introduce you to the tool itself with a first-hand review.

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  1. I have a DCN660B and the tension spring that goes into the magazine to feed the nails is bent and causes frequent jams. I don’t have a service center around my area and have tried to buy a new tension spring but there is no part number for it. I ordered a whole new magazine because I was told it came with the spring and pin that holds it into the magazine but I was told wrong. I purchased it through service net and I would definitely not recommend using them ever. Can’t get anyone to contact me back and when they do it’s the same email about looking at the diagram and finding the part number which doesn’t exist. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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