Can I Use A DEWALT XR Battery in 20v Tools?

You’re considering purchasing DEWALT tools and might be curious if the batteries from the 20v Max line of tools can be used interchangeably with the 20v XR line.

Can you use a standard 20v Max battery with the XR tools? Or can you use a 20v Max XR battery with the regular 20v Max tools?


Yes, you can use a DEWALT XR battery in 20v tools. The XR batteries are designed for brushless motors and are compatible with both DEWALT 20v and 18v XR cordless power tools.

Additionally, is it possible to use the same charging station for both battery types?

Comparison of DEWALT Tool Lines: MAX, XR, and ATOMIC

Line EvolutionSuccessor to 18VEnhanced version of the 20V MAX lineCompact series for diverse applications
Battery TypeLithium-ion batteriesHigh-capacity lithium-ion batteries
SizeStandard sizeCompactMore compact size
Motor TypeBrushed motorBrushless motorsBrushless motor
Special FeaturesEnhanced componentsLight-weight, optimized for tight spaces, overhead work, and longer use periods

Understanding the ‘XR’ Label on DEWALT Power Tools

The ‘XR’ label on DEWALT tools stands for ‘eXtreme Runtime.’ This designation has specific implications depending on where it’s found:

  • On Batteries: The XR label signifies that these batteries are designed to last longer than DEWALT’s standard versions. They possess higher amp hours, essentially meaning they have a more substantial energy reserve.
  • On Tools: If you find the XR label on a DEWALT tool, it indicates that the tool employs a brushless motor. Brushless motors are known for their efficiency, managing energy transfer in a way that lets you accomplish more with the same battery charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do DEWALT Atomic tools compare to XR?

While XR focuses on extended runtime and efficiency, the Atomic series is designed for compactness and versatility. Both have their unique advantages.

I have older DEWALT tools with 18V batteries. Can I use them with 20V tools?

Directly, no. However, DEWALT offers an adapter that allows you to use 18V batteries with 20V tools.

Can I use a Flexvolt battery with 20V DEWALT tools?

Yes, the Flexvolt battery system is backward compatible, allowing you to use it with 20V tools for longer runtimes.

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