25 Most Popular Types Of Wood For Woodworkers

Here’s a grouped and ordered list of the 25 most popular types of wood for woodworking, sorted into hardwoods and softwoods.

The ordering within each category reflects their popularity and common use among woodworkers.

Which one is your favorite?


Black Walnut Board
  1. Oak – Durable, strong, with a prominent grain; great for traditional furniture and flooring.
  2. Maple – Hard and dense, excellent for cutting boards and fine furniture.
  3. Cherry – Rich color that deepens over time; used in fine furniture and decorative items.
  4. Walnut – Elegant appearance and strength; ideal for high-end furniture.
  5. Mahogany – Beautiful and durable; common in high-class furniture and paneling.
  6. Birch – Strong, with a fine grain; widely used in cabinets and furniture.
  7. Ash – Tough yet elastic; favored for sports equipment and traditional tools.
  8. Beech – Versatile with a fine grain; utilized in furniture and wooden toys.
  9. Alder – Light but strong; popular for detailed woodworking and furniture.
  10. Sycamore – Durable with a fine texture; employed in furniture and kitchenware.
  11. Elm – Distinctive grain and durability; used in specialized woodworking.
  12. Purpleheart – Noted for its vibrant color; used in fine woodworking and decorative pieces.
  13. Padouk – Remarkable red color; ideal for decorative pieces and specialty items.
  14. Zebrawood – Striking appearance; often used in accent pieces or specialty items.
  15. Ebony – Very dense and smooth; perfect for ornamental and high-quality projects.


Pine Wood
  1. Pine – Affordable and easy to work with; widely used for furniture and cabinetry.
  2. Cedar – Lightweight and decay-resistant; ideal for outdoor projects.
  3. Redwood – Naturally resistant to rot; preferred for outdoor constructions.
  4. Douglas Fir – Strong and hard; frequently used in construction.
  5. Spruce – Light and easy to work; employed in musical instruments and construction.
  6. Linden (Basswood) – Soft and light; preferred for carving and model building.
  7. Poplar – Inexpensive and paint-friendly; used in budget furniture and interior work.

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