You’ve never seen a wood finish like this! (Cures in 2-Minutes!)

In the video “This New Finish Will Blow Your Mind,” Stumpy Nubs from Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal introduces a revolutionary wood finish called Clean Armor, designed to meet the increasing restrictions on oil-based finishes.

Stumpy Nubs presents this finish as a potential game-changer for woodworkers seeking a durable, low-VOC, and easy-to-apply solution.

Stumpy begins by discussing the challenges faced by woodworkers due to the bans on oil-based finishes and their solvents. He highlights his quest for a high-quality alternative that is safe, easy to maintain, and doesn’t emit harmful fumes. Clean Armor, developed by Matthew Springer and sold by, caught his attention for its impressive features.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Clean Armor is its quick curing time—just 2 minutes per coat. Stumpy emphasizes how this drastically reduces the time needed for finishing projects, allowing for multiple coats in a single day without the usual overnight wait for curing. Additionally, Clean Armor contains zero VOCs and has virtually no smell, making it safe to use indoors without a respirator.

Stumpy demonstrates the application process, noting its simplicity. The finish can be applied with a cloth, brush, or sprayer, and it is self-leveling. He shows how to use a UV light to cure the finish, which is necessary for it to harden. This innovative curing method ensures that the finish is ready for another coat almost immediately, significantly reducing downtime.

The video also showcases the durability of Clean Armor. Stumpy mentions chemical tests conducted by, where the finish resisted damage from acetone, lacquer thinner, alcohol, and water. He compares its hardness to high-quality polyurethane or lacquer, praising its resilience and protective qualities.

Stumpy highlights the versatility of Clean Armor, available in gloss, satin, and matte finishes, which can be mixed for custom sheens. He also explains the different versions, including 757 Tabletop Finish and 705 Outdoor Finish, tailored for specific applications.

In conclusion, Stumpy Nubs highly recommends Clean Armor for its speed, safety, and durability. He encourages viewers to try it on their projects, emphasizing the benefits of time-saving and ease of use, despite the higher initial cost compared to traditional finishes. The video serves as an informative and enthusiastic endorsement of this innovative wood finish.

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