You won’t BELIEVE everything in this SMALL SHOP

In the video “2021 Shop Tour,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks gives viewers a comprehensive tour of his woodworking shop, detailing the layout, tools, and storage solutions he’s implemented in his space.

Working out of a single-car garage that measures 12 feet wide by 20 feet deep, Jon has transformed this area into an efficient and functional workshop, overcoming the challenges of limited space and the need for mobility.

Jon’s journey from setting up and breaking down his workspace on a patio to having a dedicated garage shop is both inspiring and relatable for many woodworkers.

He emphasizes the importance of layout and organization, ensuring that each tool and workstation is positioned for optimal use and accessibility.

Jon’s shop includes a variety of tools, each with its designated area and some named after Star Wars characters, adding a personal and humorous touch to his workspace.

Key highlights from the tour include:

  • Band Saw (C-Tree Pio): Jon discusses upgrading to a 14-inch model for handling larger materials and the importance of mobility in his shop, allowing him to reposition tools as needed.
  • Router Table: Acquired through a Facebook Marketplace deal, this station includes a JessEm lift, routers, and bits, showcasing Jon’s knack for finding great deals on quality tools.
  • Dust Collection (Boba Jet): A 1.5 horsepower dust collector that, despite the shop’s limitations, effectively manages sawdust and chips, demonstrating the importance of a clean and safe working environment.
  • Miter Station: Located along the back wall, this area is optimized for rough breakdowns and features a metal pegboard setup for tool storage.
  • Drill Press and Pegboard Storage: Jon highlights the benefits of combining pegboards and French cleats for storing small items and heavy tools, respectively.
  • Jointer (Jabba the Cut): A luxury item that makes working with rough lumber more enjoyable, positioned to allow ample infeed and outfeed space.
  • Outfeed/Assembly Table: The centerpiece of the shop, this torsion box design table serves multiple purposes and includes innovative clamping solutions through the Micro Jig MatchFit system.

Jon’s shop tour is not just a showcase of his woodworking space but also a source of practical tips and inspiration for viewers looking to optimize their own workshops.

His approach to tool selection, shop layout, and storage solutions reflects a deep understanding of woodworking needs and the challenges of working within a confined space.

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