You Need To Make This Now || Ultimate Table Saw Upgrade

In the video “How to Make a Universal Table Saw Fence Jig,” Jason Hibbs from Bourbon Moth shows viewers how to create a versatile and highly functional table saw fence jig.

This jig enhances the capability of a table saw, allowing for a variety of cuts and joinery techniques, making it a valuable addition to any woodworking shop.

Jason begins by explaining the jig’s purpose: to enable tasks such as raised panels, bridle joints, mortise and tenon joints, and castle joints. His goal is to create a jig that slides over the existing table saw fence without causing friction, ensuring smooth operation.

The first step involves taking precise measurements of his saw’s fence and then cutting half-inch and three-quarter-inch Baltic birch plywood to build a box that fits over the fence. Jason carefully constructs the box so it sits slightly above the fence, allowing it to glide effortlessly.

Jason’s attention to detail is evident as he rounds over and sands all the edges, ensuring a professional finish. He uses CA glue and activator to temporarily hold the pieces together, then reinforces the assembly with stainless steel screws for added strength and durability.

Adding a handle for easier maneuvering, Jason demonstrates how the jig slides perfectly over the fence. He then builds the face of the jig using black melamine, which provides a sleek and durable surface.

The melamine is cut to size and fitted with T-tracks to accommodate various hold-down clamps, enhancing the jig’s versatility.

Jason’s methodical approach and clear explanations make the build process easy to follow. He includes practical tips, such as using painter’s tape to prevent melamine from chipping and ensuring precise, clean cuts.

The video showcases Jason’s ingenuity in using toilet seat hardware to make the jig adjustable, allowing it to fit different table saws. He meticulously sands and finishes the components, ensuring a smooth, polished end product.

Throughout the video, Jason’s humor and engaging presentation style make the complex build entertaining and accessible. His step-by-step instructions provide valuable insights into creating a custom table saw fence jig that can handle a variety of woodworking tasks.

“How to Make a Universal Table Saw Fence Jig” is an excellent resource for woodworkers looking to expand their toolset and improve their saw’s functionality. Jason Hibbs’ expertise and clear guidance ensure that viewers can successfully build a versatile jig tailored to their needs.