13 Clever Excuses To Buy More Woodworking Tools

Every woodworker knows the feeling of walking into a workshop and realizing how much more efficient you could be with just a few more tools. Having more woodworking tools can take your projects to the next level. You don’t need …

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9 Non-Negotiable Guidelines for a Safe Woodworking Shop

Woodworking is a rewarding hobby, but safety should always come first. Knowing the key guidelines can help keep you safe while creating beautiful projects. With the right precautions, your woodworking experience can be enjoyable and accident-free. In your woodworking shop, …

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15 Must-Have Tools Every Woodworker Needs

Woodworking, an age-old craft, marries artistry with practicality. Whether one is chiseling away to sculpt a masterpiece or piecing together a sturdy piece of furniture, they often rely on a set of tools that are the backbone of their workshop. …

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19 Awesome Miter Saw Stations!

Here are some really impressive miter stations. I have no affiliation with any of these; I am sharing them because I think they are great designs! ALMighty Miter Saw Station with Flip-Top Lathe by Michael Alm One of my favorite …

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How To Dispose Of Stain Rags

Appling Stain With Rag

We all know the dangers of woodworking.  Power tools, and even hand tools, when not used properly and without taking the proper precautions, can cause great harm, and we must be careful. There is a reason why we recommend eye …

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How Tall Should a Workbench Be?

How Tall Should a Workbench Be

How tall are you?  At 6’1”, I’m neither tall nor short, just sort of 6’1”, with somewhat long arms (35” shirt sleeve length) and an fairly erect stance – age hasn’t quite caught up with me yet.   In preparing to …

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