Woodworking Tricks You’ll Actually Use // Helpful Woodworking Hints

In the video “Woodworking Tips & Tricks,” Jason Hibbs of Bourbon Moth Woodworking shares a collection of valuable woodworking tips aimed at improving efficiency and quality in various woodworking processes.

The video is a treasure trove of practical advice, covering topics from sanding and drilling to handling wood glue and dealing with wood imperfections.

Jason starts with a focus on sanding techniques, explaining his process of starting with coarse 80-grit sandpaper and progressing through finer grits up to 220, then back down to 150 by hand to avoid swirl marks left by random orbital sanders.

This method ensures a smoother finish, which is critical when applying certain finishes that do not adhere well to overly smoothed surfaces.

Drilling tips are another highlight, where Jason discusses the advantages of using drill bits with spurs, such as brad point bits and Forstner bits, for cleaner and more precise holes.

He also introduces a technique to prevent splintering by running the drill in reverse to score the entry before drilling normally, ensuring crisp, clean holes.

Glue handling tips are also covered extensively. Jason advises on the best practices for dealing with glue squeeze-out—letting it dry and then removing it with a chisel rather than wiping it away when wet, which can smear and embed the glue into the wood grain, complicating finish work.

Throughout the video, Jason emphasizes efficiency and cost-saving techniques, such as extending the life of sanding discs by cleaning them with a rubber cleaning stick.

He also shares a clever method to ensure glue penetrates deep into cracks by using a shop vacuum to suck glue deep into crevices, ensuring a stronger bond.

This video is packed with actionable advice, making it an excellent resource for woodworkers looking to refine their craft and solve common woodworking problems more effectively.

Jason’s straightforward, practical advice is delivered with a touch of humor, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging.

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