17 Fun and Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

Ever wondered how to turn your kiddo (or grandkid) into a mini master woodworker? You’re in the right spot!

I’m dishing out 17 super-cool, kid-friendly woodworking projects that promise oodles of fun and heaps of skill-building. Why? Because nothing beats the glow on their faces when they create something with their own two hands.

So, let’s get those tiny hammers swinging and create some unforgettable memories!

1) Birdhouse

Building a simple birdhouse is a classic woodworking project for kids. It teaches basic construction and offers a great sense of accomplishment.

2) Toolbox


A small, basic toolbox can be a fun project and practical for storing their tools or art supplies.

3) Picture Frame

Creating a simple wooden picture frame allows kids to learn about measuring and cutting with precision.

4) Wooden Puzzle

Simple puzzles made from wood can be both fun to make and solve.

5) Coat Rack

A basic coat rack or a wall hanger for keys is a practical project that teaches kids about drilling and spacing.

6) Plant Box

Planter Box

Building a small box for plants or flowers introduces kids to concepts like waterproofing and working with different materials.

7) Bookends

Simple bookends can be a creative project, especially when kids personalize them with their own designs.

8) Wooden Toys

Simple cars, boats, or animals made from wood blocks can be a fun and creative project.

9) Candle Holder

A basic candle holder project can teach kids about safety and precision.

10) Wooden Spoon

Carving a wooden spoon is a more advanced project that introduces kids to shaping and carving techniques.

11) Key Holder

A simple key holder with hooks can be both practical and easy to make.

12) Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Similar to a birdhouse but with a focus on feeding birds, this project can be quite rewarding.

13) Treasure Chest

A small wooden box designed like a treasure chest can be an exciting project for storing special items.

14) Wind Chimes

Creating wind chimes can be fun to explore different sounds and materials.

15) Name Sign

A wooden sign with their name on it can be a great way for kids to personalize their room.

16) Pencil Holder

A simple cylindrical or box-shaped pencil holder is an easy and useful project.

17) Step Stool

Step Stool

A small step stool can help kids learn about sturdier construction techniques and is also practical.

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17 Fun and Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids