Architectural Wonder: The Wooden Arches of Mallet-Stevens

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The image presents an intriguing walkway within the Mallet-Stevens Gardens, a leisure and ecological diversity place.

The pathway is defined by a series of arching wooden ribs that create a striking visual tunnel, leading visitors through a serene garden setting.

Architectural Harmony with Nature

The walkway showcases an architectural design that integrates seamlessly with the natural environment.

The curvature of the wooden elements mirrors organic forms, inviting a sense of continuity between the artificial structure and the surrounding greenery.

Construction Techniques

The walkway’s ribs are crafted from slats of wood, bent, and joined to form a series of graceful arches.

The use of metal fasteners ensures the structural integrity of the design, marrying the wood’s natural flexibility with the strength of metal, enabling the creation of this bold yet airy structure.

Material Selection

Choosing wood as the primary material for this pathway reflects an appreciation for its natural aesthetic and durability.

Combining wood with metal fixtures illustrates a thoughtful approach to material properties, ensuring longevity and stability within the park’s ecosystem.

Functional and Educational Space

This wooden structure is part of a broader garden initiative to provide educational and leisure spaces.

The gardens host various themed areas, encouraging ecological awareness and community engagement. The wooden walkway serves as both a functional passage and a point of architectural interest.


The wooden walkway within the Mallet-Stevens Gardens is more than just a path; it’s a statement of artful design coexisting with its environmental context.

It exemplifies how woodworking and metalwork can be fused to create practical and aesthetically pleasing structures, enhancing the experience of all who visit the gardens.

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