Why is woodpeckers so expensive?

In “Would You Rather Have This Small Collection of Tools That Cost Nearly $500 or All of These for About Half the Price?” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks presents a compelling comparison between investing in a few high-cost tools versus a more extensive set of budget-friendly alternatives.

He challenges the notion that more expensive always equates to better, especially for those new to woodworking or looking to expand their toolkit without breaking the bank.

Jon emphasizes the importance of squareness in woodworking projects and suggests that a machinist square, known for its precision, is a must-have tool.

He highlights a set of three machinist squares that cost around $50, pointing out their superior accuracy compared to even the most expensive woodworking squares. This recommendation underscores the value of choosing tools that offer the best balance of cost and functionality.

He also discusses the utility of speed squares and combination squares and advises on what to look for when purchasing these tools to ensure they meet the needs of woodworking projects. Jon’s approach is practical, focusing on tools’ functionality and accuracy rather than their brand or price tag.

Throughout the video, Jon provides insights into other essential tools and accessories that enhance the woodworking experience, including calipers for precise measurements and straight edges for ensuring tool setup accuracy.

He advocates for making informed decisions based on the specific requirements of your projects and the actual benefits the tools provide.

This video is an excellent resource for woodworkers at any skill level. It offers guidance on building a versatile and effective toolkit without overspending.

Jon’s advice helps viewers understand that with careful selection, it’s possible to acquire high-quality tools that are affordable and capable of producing professional-grade work.

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