Why don’t people use these for floating shelves?

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In “3 Ways to Make Floating Shelves,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks offers a comprehensive guide on creating floating shelves, catering to different skill levels from beginner to advanced.

He breaks down the process into three distinct methods, each varying in complexity, cost, and strength, providing viewers with options that suit their capabilities and needs.

Beginner Method:

Jon starts with a simple approach, using basic brackets and a piece of soft maple.

This method is accessible for those with limited tools, as it requires minimal cutting, which can be done with a circular saw, hand saw, or even at a hardware store upon purchase.

He emphasizes the ease and affordability of this option, making it an excellent starting point for DIY novices.

Intermediate Method:

Moving to a more traditional hidden shelf hardware approach, Jon introduces a DIY version that’s significantly cheaper than commercial alternatives.

He explains how to create a sturdy and invisible mounting system using inexpensive materials, offering a balance between aesthetic appeal and functional strength.

This method is ideal for DIYers looking for a cleaner look without the high cost of commercial floating shelf hardware.

Advanced Method:

For the most experienced woodworkers, Jon presents an advanced technique involving mitered edges and an internal frame for the shelf.

This method requires more precise cuts and a higher level of craftsmanship to ensure the grain flows seamlessly across the shelf, creating a visually stunning piece that appears to be a thick slab of wood.

Despite its complexity, Jon provides clear instructions and tips to achieve a professional result.

Throughout the video, Jon shares valuable insights on material selection, tool usage, and finishing techniques. He also addresses common challenges and solutions, ensuring viewers can tackle each project with confidence.

The video is not just a tutorial but a deep dive into the art and science of making floating shelves, showcasing Jon’s expertise and passion for woodworking.

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