Where Are Laguna Table Saws Made?

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Among the many manufacturers of table saws in all forms and fashion is Laguna. While many woodworkers, DIY or professional, are familiar with the DeWalt name in table saws, Laguna has been manufacturing highly regarded table saws for more than 3 dozen years.

One question often asked about Laguna is whether their woodworking equipment is made in China.  Actually, Laguna, which was previously headquartered in California, announced the opening of its new manufacturing and showroom facility in Grand Prairie, Texas, in 2020.  It had outgrown its facility in California, and the lack of industrial space to move into precipitated that move.

Laguna also has a distribution center in South Carolina.  Its California staff has moved into new space in Huntington Beach with a large showroom for their west coast customers, but it is now headquartered in the new manufacturing plant in Texas.

Are Laguna Tools Made In China?

As already noted, Laguna Tools is now headquartered in Texas, having opened its new manufacturing plant there in the late spring of 2020. 

However, it should be noted that some of their machines are manufactured in both Europe and China.  Notwithstanding this, Laguna does enjoy a good reputation for its tools and machines and even holds a 4.7 out of 5.0 review score on Google Reviews.

While Laguna has updated its website to announce the opening of its Texas facility, it is a bit oblique about where all of its tools are actually made.  The website is unspecific, which could suggest that some of its tools are made outside the United States. 

Its lathes, for instance, are reported to be manufactured in China; and, the founder of the company (Torben Helshoj) believed the US market to be an excellent opportunity to introduce high-quality European woodworking and metalworking tools.

Nonetheless, many professional woodworkers and metalworkers rely upon Laguna Tools in their craft, and brand loyalty would appear to be high.

Who Makes Laguna Table Saws?

This is an easy question to answer – Laguna Tools. 

Among the models of Laguna Tools is the Fusion Line.  These hybrid table saws offer a variety of models and price points and are considered to be of very high quality.

We’ve written on these pages of hybrid table saws before.  They are a cross of a cabinet saw and a contractor saw – – a stationary saw with its motor encased inside a base cabinet but with internals more akin to a contractor table saw.  Basically, a hybrid table saw is a contractor saw with the motor inside a cabinet rather than on the rear. 

Our previous piece on hybrid table saws can be found here.

The Fusion line of Laguna table saws offers several choices:

  • The F1 Fusion Table Saw is a 1.5 hp model with dust collection and a cast iron table;
  • The F2 Fusion Table Saw is a 1.75 hp model and a cabinet-mounted design;
  • The F3 Fusion Table Saw is a 3 hp model with an industrial cabinet, fence, and trunnions; and,
  • The F4 Fusion Table Saw is another 3 hp model with a 52” rip capacity.

Prices for these units run from $1,199 for the F1 Fusion model up to $2,999 for the F4 Fusion model 52” (as of November 2021).

Fusion models do include a built-in wheel system, a quick-release riving knife, and fence storage.  The controls are also user-friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about the Fusion line of table saw models, we found a video from Laguna Tools on YouTube with an excellent introduction to the F1 Fusion Table Saw.  You’ll find it here:

Are Laguna Table Saws Any Good?

Those of us who are obsessed with woodworking have our favorite tools and brands, and once we find a brand we like, we tend to stay loyal to that brand. 

Many of the reviews we, well, reviewed were positive and favorable.  These reviews were from woodworking industry-leading review resources.  There were some complaints about customer service that we came across, but that had more to do with people than with products.  Again, we did find a 4.7 out of 5.0 approval on Google Reviews from over 330 respondents.

Laguna table saws come with a 2 year warranty that must be registered within 30 days of purchase.  The Laguna Tools website has an online registration form that makes it easy, but you will be required to upload a photo of your receipt and provide the serial number, model number, and the name of the dealer from whom you made the purchase.

The registration form and warranty information is here.

With various price points, excellent reviews, a two-year warranty, and neat features, it would seem a Laguna Table Saw is worth your serious consideration.

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