The Weeping Willow Tree Troll: Mastering the Art of Chainsaw Carving

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This is a piece of chainsaw art, where a craftsman has skillfully transformed a Weeping Willow tree into an 8-foot-tall carving of a tree troll’s face.

The image provides a clear perspective on the scale of the work, with the artist standing beside it, offering a tangible comparison to the impressive size of the carving.

Chainsaw Carving Techniques

Chainsaw carving is a form of art that requires significant control and knowledge of the tool. The artist has utilized a chainsaw to sculpt the intricate details of the troll’s facial features, from the deep grooves of the bark that form the wrinkles to the softer curves that create the eyes and the flowing beard.

Achieving such detail with a chainsaw demands a steady hand, an eye for detail, and an intimate understanding of the wood’s properties.

Understanding the Medium

The Weeping Willow’s wood is known for its flexibility, which can be challenging to carve without causing unwanted splits or breaks.

Selecting this type of tree for such a large and detailed project suggests the artist’s expertise in handling different wood species and their characteristics.

Carving Process

Starting with a rough outline, the artist methodically removed large sections of wood to reveal the face’s basic form.

From there, finer cuts were made to shape the detailed elements of the troll’s expression. This step-by-step process tests patience and skill, requiring progressively finer work to reach the final detail stages.

Preserving the Carving

Upon completion, the tree carving would require treatment to protect it from the elements, which may include applying a sealant to prevent decay and maintain the integrity of the wood as it continues to be exposed to the environment.


The tree troll carving is a testament not only to the artist’s craftsmanship but also to the versatility of chainsaw carving as a form of expression. It challenges woodworkers to think beyond traditional wood pieces and consider the trees themselves as canvases for their artistry.

This carving stands as a stunning example of what can be achieved when skill meets imagination in woodworking.

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