In “How to Make an X Base for a Marble Table,” Keith Johnson takes on the intricate task of creating a custom X-shaped table base designed to support a marble top.

This project is a deep dive into precision woodworking, showcasing Keith’s skill in transforming raw walnut slabs into a stunning piece of furniture.

Watch It Being Made:

Keith begins with three walnut slabs, detailing the process of preparing the wood for the project. He starts by removing the live edges and then moves on to rip, joint, and plane the slabs to achieve the desired dimensions for the table legs.

His meticulous approach ensures that each piece is perfectly squared and ready for assembly.

The heart of this project lies in the construction of the X base, which is not a straightforward task due to the complex angles involved. Keith uses a custom template to lay out the design, ensuring that each leg of the X will fit together seamlessly.

The precision required for this step is critical, as the angles dictate the stability and appearance of the finished table.

To join the legs, Keith opts for dado cuts to create half-lap joints, a choice that offers both strength and aesthetic appeal.

He carefully calculates the angles and dimensions needed, demonstrating the importance of accuracy in woodworking. The use of a dado stack on the table saw allows him to make precise cuts, although he notes that similar results could be achieved with a standard saw blade and chiseling for those without access to a dado stack.

Once the legs are cut and fitted, Keith addresses the challenge of joining the X pieces in a way that appears seamless. He removes a section from the middle of one leg, allowing the two parts of the X to interlock as if they are passing through each other.

This technique not only enhances the visual appeal of the base but also contributes to its structural integrity.

Throughout the video, Keith shares valuable tips and insights, from choosing the right materials to the nuances of joinery. His detailed explanation of each step, combined with his problem-solving skills, makes this tutorial both informative and inspiring.

The project culminates in the assembly and finishing of the table base, with Keith taking care to fill any voids and apply a protective finish. The result is a beautifully crafted X base that perfectly complements the marble top, embodying both the beauty of natural wood and the elegance of marble.

Keith Johnson’s tutorial is a testament to the art of woodworking, offering viewers a comprehensive guide to creating a sophisticated piece of furniture that blends form and function.

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