Wall-Mounted Towel Rack: Functional Elegance (Plus DIY Video)

This wall-mounted towel rack is an excellent example of functional woodworking that combines simplicity with utility.

Designed for efficient use of space, the rack offers an elegant storage solution for towels, accessible and orderly.

Structure and Design:

The rack consists of two vertical wooden bars secured to the wall, from which horizontal shelves protrude, creating a ladder-like appearance.

The structure is built from a richly stained hardwood, which could likely be walnut or oak, known for their strength and appealing grain.

Construction Details:

Each shelf is a solid piece of wood, their ends neatly fitting into the notches carved into the vertical supports.

This notched design ensures stability and weight distribution, allowing for the storage of multiple heavy bath towels without compromising the rack’s integrity.


The rack is attached to the wall with screws, which may be hidden for aesthetic purposes, or with visible hardware that complements the wood’s warm tones.

Ensuring that the rack is mounted to studs in the wall is crucial for a secure and long-lasting installation.


Hardwood is a favorable choice for bathroom furniture due to its resistance to humidity and temperature changes when properly treated.

A clear sealant or varnish suitable for the humid conditions of a bathroom will help in maintaining the wood’s condition over time, preventing warping and decay.

For woodworkers, creating such a rack requires precision in measuring and cutting to ensure that all pieces fit together seamlessly.

It’s a straightforward project that exemplifies the beauty of minimalist design, practicality, and the timeless appeal of natural wood in home furnishings.

DIY Video

If you want to make one yourself, check out this video.

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