Unique Hand Carved Coffee Spoon!!!

In “Carving a Cool Little Wooden Spoon,” Chris from Third Coast Craftsman, along with his shop partner Roots, embarks on a creative journey to carve a unique wooden spoon designed specifically for scooping coffee grinds.

Inspired by a video from William Walker Company, Chris decides to put his new set of carving gouges and chisels to use, crafting a spoon with a design that features a handle passing through the spoon part, secured by a tusks mortise and tenon through the other side.

Chris’s approach to this project is notably minimalist, aiming to complete the spoon using primarily hand tools.

Except for a single instance where he uses a drill to make a small hole, the entire process is done manually, showcasing his skill and the tactile pleasure of hand carving. He sketches a unique design that challenges his carving skills, given his limited experience in spoon making and carving in general.

The video is presented in a way that allows viewers to immerse themselves in the crafting process without narration, focusing instead on the visual and auditory experience of woodworking.

Chris’s intention is to let the craftsmanship speak for itself, inviting the audience to enjoy the process as it unfolds.

After completing the carving, Chris finishes the spoon with Tru Oil, followed by a food-grade wax to create a protective barrier, making it suitable for its intended use with coffee grinds. He notes that while Tru Oil wouldn’t be ideal for items like cutting boards that come into direct contact with food, it’s perfectly fine for this specific application.

Chris’s project is a testament to the beauty of woodworking and the satisfaction that comes from creating something both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The spoon, with its unique design and purpose, is a perfect example of how woodworking can blend artistry with utility.

For those interested in the art of carving and woodworking, or simply looking for a unique project to try, Chris’s video offers inspiration and a glimpse into the creative possibilities of handcrafted wooden utensils.

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