The Umthi Drinks Cabinet: An Exquisite Blend of Function and Artisanship (Plus DIY Video)

The Umthi Drinks Cabinet, designed and built by Meyer Von Wielligh, stands as an elegant fusion of functional design and masterful woodworking.

It’s not just furniture but a statement piece that marries the organic beauty of nature with the convenience of modern design.

Design and Craftsmanship:

At first glance, the cabinet draws attention with its unique front facade, carved intricately to resemble the form of a tree.

The doors, when closed, create a seamless tree shape, which is not only a nod to the natural material of the piece but also showcases the high level of artistry involved in its creation.

The design mimics the growth patterns of real trees, adding a touch of the wilderness to the indoor space.

Materials and Construction:

Crafted from high-quality wood, the cabinet’s grain and color are likely chosen for their resemblance to actual tree bark, enhancing the cabinet’s authentic appearance.

The wood’s natural texture is preserved and highlighted, speaking to the woodworker’s respect for the material.

Functional Elements:

The cabinet’s doors are pocket doors, designed to slide smoothly out of sight for easy access.

This smart design choice optimizes space and functionality without compromising the cabinet’s aesthetic.

Inside, pull-out shelves are tactically placed, providing a convenient surface for mixing drinks and displaying barware.

The built-in fridge is a modern amenity that adds practicality, keeping beverages at the ideal temperature.

Such integration of appliances into woodworking requires precise measurement and planning, ensuring that the cabinet’s form serves its function without visual interruption.

Woodworking Techniques:

The creation of the Umthi Drinks Cabinet involves advanced woodworking techniques. The carving of the tree shape likely involves a combination of CNC machinery for precision and hand-finishing for a natural look.

The pocket doors require hardware installation with exact alignment, and the pull-out shelves need to balance strength with ease of movement.

Finishing Touches:

The finish on the cabinet must protect the wood while enhancing its natural beauty. A matte or satin finish would allow the grain to shine without adding unwanted gloss.

Every aspect of the cabinet’s construction and finishing suggests a dedication to craftsmanship and detail.


The Umthi Drinks Cabinet by Meyer Von Wielligh is a testament to the potential of woodworking to transform simple materials into works of art that serve practical purposes.

It demonstrates how traditional craftsmanship can adapt to include modern amenities, resulting in a piece that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

For the woodworker, it’s an inspiration to push the boundaries of design while maintaining the essence of the craft.


One of my favorite builds by Jason Hibbs from Bourbon Moth Woodworking is his liquor cabinet. It is obviously not the same as the Umthi, but he outlines how to build something similar for yourself.

Check it out:

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