Turning a 2×4 into 24 beautiful coasters

In the video “How to Turn a Single 2×4 into 24 Coasters,” Syd from Syd’s Workshop demonstrates a creative and practical project for turning an ordinary piece of wood into beautiful, functional coasters.

This video is a perfect guide for woodworkers looking for a quick, rewarding project that utilizes minimal materials.

Syd starts by explaining his inspiration for the project—a uniquely colored 2×4 he found at Lowe’s. He decides to transform this single piece of wood into 24 coasters, each measuring 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

Syd’s straightforward approach to cutting and planning ensures that even beginners can follow along and achieve great results.

A key moment in the video is when Syd attempts to split the 2×4 in half using a table saw. After experiencing kickback, he quickly decides to switch to a safer method by planing the wood down instead. This not only highlights the importance of safety in woodworking but also shows Syd’s adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Once the wood is planed, Syd proceeds to cut the coasters to their final size. He then rounds the edges using a router, starting with a 1/8 inch roundover bit and eventually switching to a 1/4 inch bit for a smoother finish. His use of a job horse as a makeshift router table showcases his resourcefulness and the versatility of his tools.

The finishing process is meticulous and thorough. Syd sands each coaster with 220 and 320 grit paper, applies multiple coats of polyurethane, and sands between coats to ensure a smooth finish. He even goes the extra mile by wet sanding with 600, 1200, and 2000 grit sandpaper, followed by polishing and waxing to achieve a glass-like finish.

Throughout the video, Syd’s attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident. His final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, with a waterproof finish that prevents the coaster from sticking to the bottom of a glass. This practical tip, along with his step-by-step instructions, makes the video a valuable resource for anyone looking to create their own coasters.

“How to Turn a Single 2×4 into 24 Coasters” is an engaging and informative tutorial that demonstrates Syd’s expertise and creativity. His clear instructions and practical advice make this project accessible and enjoyable for woodworkers of all skill levels.