Tree Bench Design: Circular and Spiral Woodworking (With Video)

This image displays tree bench designs demonstrating advanced woodworking skills and creative space utilization around mature trees.

Circular Tree Bench Construction

The circular bench is built with precision-cut segments that form a perfect ring around the tree.

The craftsmanship required for such a construction includes exact measurements and cuts to ensure each segment fits snugly with its neighbors, creating a uniform and stable circle.

The wood, likely a hardwood for outdoor durability, is finely sanded and finished to withstand the elements.

Spiral Bench Design

In contrast, the spiral bench showcases a more complex design, requiring an understanding of incremental angles and curves to achieve a seamless spiral.

The bench slats are evenly spaced and follow the tree’s natural form, leading the eye and the user around the tree in a spiral fashion.

Aesthetic and Practical Considerations

Both benches must be crafted not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also to function as comfortable seating areas.

The ergonomics of the backrest and seat height are important factors in the design, ensuring that the benches are as inviting as they are impressive.


The projects exemplify how woodworking can transcend conventional furniture design, integrating nature into functional art.

These tree benches serve as a source of inspiration for woodworkers to explore the possibilities of outdoor furniture, encouraging a blend of technical skill with creative vision.

For public parks or private gardens, such benches add beauty and utility to any green space.

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