Top 5 Beginner Woodworking Projects You Can Make Today!

In the video “5 Starter Woodworking Projects,” Nick Harrison from Rocky River Woodworks presents five simple yet rewarding projects that are ideal for individuals who are new to the woodworking hobby.

He highlights the importance of starting with basic designs that use straight lines, easy joinery methods, and 90-degree corners to make the learning process manageable and enjoyable.

Here are the projects Nick suggests:

  1. Stools: Beginners can start with a simple design that features straight legs and basic joinery. Stools can be constructed using pocket holes or simple butt joints and can range from basic to elaborate as skills improve.
  2. End Tables: Including nightstands, coffee tables, and side tables, this category offers versatility in design and complexity. Starting with simple square posts and tabletops, beginners can later progress to adding shelves, drawers, and more intricate features.
  3. Boxes: Small boxes allow new woodworkers to practice various corner joinery techniques, such as miter joints, box joints, and dovetail joints. Boxes can start from simple glued corners to more complex joints and can be made from scrap or inexpensive wood, reducing the cost of errors.
  4. Cutting Boards: Starting with a single, solid piece of wood for a cutting board introduces beginners to milling wood flat and square. This project can evolve into creating boards with rounded corners, handles, juice grooves, and other features as skills develop.
  5. Shelves and Bookcases: This category of projects scales up in size, allowing beginners to apply and expand upon the techniques learned from the smaller projects. Shelves and bookcases remain within the scope of simple design but involve working with larger pieces of material.

Nick emphasizes that these projects are excellent for practicing design, planning, purchasing, milling, joining, and finishing.

They’re also practical, resulting in items that can be used around the house or given as gifts.

By mastering these projects, beginners can build a solid foundation for more advanced woodworking skills.

1 thought on “Top 5 Beginner Woodworking Projects You Can Make Today!”

  1. A retired 87 yr. of butcher, and have been a backyard woodworker since. nothing fancy, just what my mind told me to do. Mostly small easily assembled projects and toys for the young folks. and a bit of woodturning for the more mature fiends and family. have never sold anything I have made, by choice. Do not need the money, All I ask is when I am no more and my name is mentioned a smile appears on someones face and says, “I knew Gil moreno.” thanks.


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