Makita LS1219L Miter Saw Problems

Makita LS1219L

We all have our favorite brands and our favorite saws from those brands to stock our woodworking shop with, and there are a multitude of choices. One of those brand choices is the Makita LS1219L. It is much to compel …

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DeWALT Brushless Drill Problems


DeWALT is a quality name in the power tool world, and most of us likely have at least one of their tools in our woodworking shop.  Its cordless drill is a very popular tool, a generally reliable and durable tool …

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Porter Cable Air Compressor Common Problems

Porter Cable Air Compressor

Air compressors are not the most common of features in a woodworking shop, although they do come in handy on job sites to power nailers and in painting around the house. But air compressors did not make our list of …

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DEWALT Thickness Planer DW735 Problems


I own the DW735 and can attest it is a fantastic planer, the best “lunchbox” style planer on the market, in my opinion. Among the many power tools commonly found in the woodworking shop is a thickness planer.  Depending on …

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Bosch 4100 Table Saw Problems

Bosch 4100 Table Saw

Woodworkers tend to be pretty free in expressing frustration or anger with their power tools.  The things that get said to them are NSFW, to be sure.  Forums among woodworkers are filled with complaints and venting just as much as …

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7 DEWALT DCN660 Nailer Problems You Can Solve Now

DEWALT DCN660 Finish Nailer

The DEWALT DCN660 finish nailer has become a staple in the toolkits of both professional carpenters and woodworkers. Renowned for its reliability and precision, this cordless nail gun streamlines the finishing process, making it a go-to for a variety of …

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DEWALT FLEXVOLT Battery Problems & How To Fix Them

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Battery Problems

Are you wrestling with a DeWALT FLEXVOLT battery that won’t charge? I completely understand the frustration. There’s nothing more aggravating for a woodworker than reaching for your power tools, ready to dive into an important project, only to find them …

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