What is a Sliding T Bevel Used For?

What is a Sliding T Bevel Used For

Every woodworking shop will have a wide selection of carpentry tools, both power and hand.  One never knows what tool will become indispensable to a project, and the wider the selection of tools, the better.  One such tool is the …

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What is a Rasp Plane Used For?

What is a Rasp Plane Used For

If you follow us here on Obsessed Woodworking, you know we often repeat the mantra:  “The right tool for the right job.”  If you follow this simple rule, you’ll never go wrong in the shop. Virtually every project you will …

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What Tools Does a Beginner Woodworker Need?

What Tools Does A Beginner Woodworker Need

When we began the Obsessed Woodworking resource for the home woodworking enthusiast, we jumped right in with very specific woodworking techniques, power tools, joinery, hand tools, and more for experienced woodworkers.  Not experts, mind you, but nonetheless experienced hobbyists. Here …

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What Does a Woodworking Router Do?

What Does a Woodworking Router Do

We’ve written of routers on these pages in the past, most recently here, where we discussed the difference between fixed base and plunge routers.  But we realized we jumped into router discussion without talking about router basics first.  So, we …

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What are Clamping Cauls Used For in Woodworking?

What are Clamping Cauls Used For in Woodworking

Cauls are indispensable in your woodworking shop for laminating panels, and they are both utilitarian and easy to make.  They are not to be confused with the fatty omentum covering the intestines of a cow or pig or the amniotic …

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Do I Need a Miter Saw If I Have a Table Saw?

Do I Need a Miter Saw If I Have a Table Saw

Every home shop woodworking enthusiast has their favorite power tool, which they consider indispensable in the shop.  Perhaps it’s a miter saw, or maybe a table saw, or a planer.  But, what do you do when your space or budget …

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What is a Riving Knife on a Table Saw?

What Is A Riving Knife On A Table Saw

We all know a table saw has a blade.  Duh?  The home woodworking enthusiast also knows the blade turns toward you as you push the wood through it for your cut. But just as that branch will close in on …

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How to Sharpen Hand Planer Blades

How to Sharpen Hand Planer Blades

There’s an old story, often used by Daoist and Buddhist teachers, about an aging butcher in a small village.  He knew his working days were coming to an end, and so he took in three apprentices to teach them butchery …

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Jointer Vs. Planer: What Is The Difference?

What is the Difference Between a Jointer and a Planer

Among the many power tools in a home woodworking shop, beyond the table saw and chop saw, are jointers and planers.  For the serious woodworker, one or both of these tools can be indispensable for woodworking projects. This article will …

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What is Hook and Loop Sandpaper?

What is Hook and Loop Sandpaper

Old school woodworkers were accustomed to simply wrapping a rectangular piece of sandpaper around a small block of wood to smooth down surfaces that could accommodate the block and then use their hands to hold the paper for the harder-to-reach …

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What is a Sliding Table Saw?

What Is A Sliding Table Saw

Most woodworking enthusiasts, the home craftsman, know of compound sliding miter saws.  The blade not only moves down through the workpiece, but it also slides out through it as well.  It’s not uncommon to see a sliding miter saw in …

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How Many Amps Does a Table Saw Use?

Table Saw

Let’s examine the specifics of amps, watts, and volts and how these factors impact your table saw’s performance. Whether you’re setting up a new workshop or fine-tuning an existing one, understanding these electrical fundamentals is key to ensuring your table …

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What Router Bit To Use For Door Hinge Installation

What Router Bit To Use for Door Hinges

When it comes to woodworking and door installation, you want to make sure the door hinges are properly fitted. This sets the stage for straightforward installation. Selecting the right router bit is vital for creating precise hinge mortises – the …

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