SawStop Overarm Dust Collection vs Floating

SawStop Overarm Dust Collection vs Floating

Dust, dust flying everywhere.  Such an annoyance in the woodworking shop.  Table saw, router, miter saw, all tossing it around with each cut.  There’s got to be something that will cure this.   The laments of a beginner woodworker, and we’ve …

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What Is A Coping Saw Used For?

What Is A Coping Saw Used For

How well do you cope in your woodworking shop?  That question doesn’t have to do with your mood or your ability to handle the stress of woodworking (that’s a joke), but rather how you make cope cuts.  There really is …

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When Will SawStop Patent Expire?

SawStop Table Saw

SawStop, renowned for its advanced table and cabinet saws, has transformed the safety standards of power tools with its patented safety system. This innovation prioritizes user safety, ensuring protection against potential mishaps. We’ve extensively covered SawStop in previous articles, discussing …

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Can You Use a Drill As A Dremel?


Every woodworker and home DIY enthusiast has his or her favorite tool.  It’s usually one that is versatile to the point where there is virtually no small task it can not perform. For us at Obsessed Woodworking, one of those …

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How Long Does a Craftsman 20V Battery Last?

How Long Does a Craftsman 20V Battery Last

The Craftsman Tools 20V lithium-ion batteries represent a major advancement over old batteries. This article will analyze Craftsman battery specs, lifespan details, and troubleshooting tips. Understanding your battery is key to maximizing the performance of your power tools. QUICK ANSWER: …

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Festool Track Saw Blade Size Guide & Charts

Festool Track Saw

In this article, I’ll walk you through the essentials of Festool track saw blades. We’ll cover everything from blade sizes and tooth designs to their best uses. Whether you’re tackling fine woodworking or cutting through tough materials, choosing the right …

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DEWALT FLEXVOLT Battery Problems & How To Fix Them

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Battery Problems

Are you wrestling with a DeWALT FLEXVOLT battery that won’t charge? I completely understand the frustration. There’s nothing more aggravating for a woodworker than reaching for your power tools, ready to dive into an important project, only to find them …

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What Are C-Clamps Used For?

What Are C-Clamps Used For

If your woodworking projects include tabletops or joints, gluing, or handsaw cutting, clamps come into play at some point. We love our power tools, of course, and hand tools often get forgotten. But clamps aren’t one of those forgotten hand …

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How Are Band Saws Measured And Sized?

How Are Band Saws Measured

When it comes to understanding the size of a band saw, the key lies in the diameter of its wheels. This measurement is the primary factor in determining the nominal size of the band saw. Closely related to the wheel …

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Are Woodpecker Tools Worth It?

Woodpeckers Logo

We’ve all heard the expression, “Measure twice, cut once.”  There is great wisdom in those words, and the advice should be followed. Beyond the carefulness of measuring twice, though, is the tool you use to make that measure.  Having confidence …

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Which Festool Domino To Buy

Festool Domino

We know Festool, and we like Festool very much.  Its line of power tools are well crafted and highly specialized.  Yes, they are expensive, but their quality is undoubted and very well respected in woodworking circles.   We’ve written about them …

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