19 Awesome Miter Saw Stations!

Here are some really impressive miter stations. I have no affiliation with any of these; I am sharing them because I think they are great designs! ALMighty Miter Saw Station with Flip-Top Lathe by Michael Alm One of my favorite …

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Makita LS1219L Miter Saw Problems

Makita LS1219L

We all have our favorite brands and our favorite saws from those brands to stock our woodworking shop with, and there are a multitude of choices. One of those brand choices is the Makita LS1219L. It is much to compel …

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What Size Miter Saw Should I Buy? (10″ Vs. 12″)

What Size Miter Saw Do I Need

When selecting a miter saw, understanding the various types and their capabilities is crucial. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on choosing the most suitable miter saw size for your woodworking needs. From the compact 10-inch saws ideal …

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What Does Dual Bevel Mean on a Miter Saw?

What Does Dual Bevel Mean on a Miter Saw

Miter saws are commonly found in woodworking shops and are usually on the list of necessary power tools to outfit a new shop with from the start.  Easy to use, quick to cut, they are essential if you will be …

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Do I Need a Miter Saw If I Have a Table Saw?

Do I Need a Miter Saw If I Have a Table Saw

Every home shop woodworking enthusiast has their favorite power tool, which they consider indispensable in the shop.  Perhaps it’s a miter saw, or maybe a table saw, or a planer.  But, what do you do when your space or budget …

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