What Is Lathe Swing?


We recently wrote about lathes and, in particular, a mandrel, a tool used with lathes that hold a work piece at the center so the spin of the piece is balanced. This is an essential element of turnery, and it …

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What Is A Woodking Lathe Mandrel?


If you’ve read previous articles I’ve written, you know my brother is a turnery artist in Boston.  His work is stunningly beautiful, true works of art. I especially loved his spring 2022 collection from spalted maple.  His lathe talent is …

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What Grit CBN Wheel For Lathe Tools?

What Grit CBN Wheel For Lathe Tools

Once again, with the acronyms.  If there isn’t a terms and terminology book for woodworking shops, there ought to be just to keep up with the acronyms. Key Points: Today’s 3-letter term is CBN, and to understand the answer to …

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What Is A Chucker Lathe?

What Is A Chucker Lathe

While we have casually mentioned lathes, turning, and turnery in some of our past articles, we’ve never really written about lathes in detail.  Today we will dip our toe in that water a little bit more than we have previously.  …

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