DeWALT Brushless Drill Problems


DeWALT is a quality name in the power tool world, and most of us likely have at least one of their tools in our woodworking shop.  Its cordless drill is a very popular tool, a generally reliable and durable tool …

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What Are Some Drill Press Alternatives?

Drill Press Alternatives

How steady is your hand?  How accurately can you make a cut with a circular saw or a cordless drill?  The answers will have something to do with your experience as a woodworker.  Certainly, professional woodworkers are accustomed to having …

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18V Vs 20V MAX Battery Drills: Performance Comparison

Difference Between 18v and 20v Drill

When deciding between an 18v and a 20v drill, particularly in popular brands like DeWALT, it’s important to understand their power and performance nuances. The primary difference between 18V and 20V drills lies in the voltage of their batteries, with …

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Can You Use a Drill As A Dremel?


Every woodworker and home DIY enthusiast has his or her favorite tool.  It’s usually one that is versatile to the point where there is virtually no small task it can not perform. For us at Obsessed Woodworking, one of those …

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