How And When to Use Corner Clamps

Corner Clamps

How many times have we said to ourselves how nice it would be to have a third hand?  If only, we say, and how much easier it would be on some of the tasks we perform in our woodworking shop.  …

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What Are Spring Clamps Used For?

What Are Spring Clamps Used For

When we wrote about the essential tools for the beginner woodworker, we spent some time discussing clamps.  Even the simplest of woodworking projects is going to require the use of clamps at one point or another, something with a firm …

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What Are C-Clamps Used For?

What Are C-Clamps Used For

If your woodworking projects include tabletops or joints, gluing, or handsaw cutting, clamps come into play at some point. We love our power tools, of course, and hand tools often get forgotten. But clamps aren’t one of those forgotten hand …

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What is a Bar Clamp Used For?

What is a Bar Clamp Used For

We’ve written previously about clamps and clamping wood being joined with glue. Among the clamps, we wrote about in that piece is the bar clamp, an indispensable clamp in your woodworking shop if you are going to be making a …

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What Clamps Do I Need For Woodworking?

What Clamps Do I Need For Woodworking

Power tools are cool, and the home woodworking shop enthusiast usually starts with the list of them they think they need to get underway.  Table saw, compound miter saw, sander, planer, drill – most lists start with these. Clamps are …

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What are Clamping Cauls Used For in Woodworking?

What are Clamping Cauls Used For in Woodworking

Cauls are indispensable in your woodworking shop for laminating panels, and they are both utilitarian and easy to make.  They are not to be confused with the fatty omentum covering the intestines of a cow or pig or the amniotic …

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