How Are Band Saws Measured And Sized?

How Are Band Saws Measured

When it comes to understanding the size of a band saw, the key lies in the diameter of its wheels. This measurement is the primary factor in determining the nominal size of the band saw. Closely related to the wheel …

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Who Makes Rikon Band Saws?

Who Makes Rikon Band Saws

Is it bandsaw or band saw?  And what is a band saw, anyway?  With so many types of saws to choose from for the home woodworking shop, where does a band saw fit on the list of must-haves?  And, who …

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6 Portable Bandsaw Practical Uses: From Metal to Woodwork

What is a Portable Band Saw Used For

Portable band saws are distinguished by their ability to perform complex cuts that other saws can’t do as efficiently. Whether it’s resizing structural steel in construction, cutting pipes in plumbing, or crafting decorative metalwork, these saws offer unparalleled precision. What …

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Can Bandsaws Cut Metal?

Can Bandsaws Cut Metal

A bandsaw is a power saw with a long, sharp metal blade in the form of a continuous band with very sharp teeth that rounds about two wheels, one of which is powered.  The constant turning of the band forms …

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