Tilden Custom Wood Sinks: Pure Elegance

The stunning black walnut sink encapsulates the intersection of functional artistry and woodworking mastery.

This custom sink by Tilden Wood Sinks represents their commitment to creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that elevate the practical to the level of art.

Inspiration and Design:

Tilden Wood Sinks focuses on creating exceptional pieces that not only serve their utilitarian purpose but also enhance the aesthetic of any bathroom or kitchen.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of hardwoods, particularly those found on the West Coast, the design incorporates natural elements like live edges, knots, and distinctive grain patterns.

What is often seen as imperfection becomes the highlight, adding unparalleled character to the piece.

Material Selection:

The journey begins with the careful selection of wood, sourced from fallen or naturally downed trees that would otherwise be relegated to firewood.

Close collaboration with arborists and sawmills ensures that Tilden Wood Sinks receives the raw material in its most potent form, ready to be transformed into a functional piece of art.

The orientation and features of each log dictate the unique final form of each sink.

Woodturning Process:

The craftsmanship of the sink is evident in the meticulous woodturning process.

Mounted on a lathe, the bowl is shaped, allowing for precise control over its thickness, form, and how natural features are featured.

This hand-turned approach under the guidance of an experienced woodturner, Dan Tilden, ensures that each sink is unique, with a custom look that cannot be replicated.

Finishing Techniques:

Finishing is critical to both the sink’s aesthetics and functionality. The wood bowl must be thoroughly dried to prevent warping post-finishing.

This is achieved through months of air drying and kiln drying. The finishing process includes sanding the wood to a fine grit, drilling the sink hole, and sealing it with a proprietary Water-Seal finish.

Multiple coats are applied to ensure complete waterproofing and durability, with thorough testing conducted to guarantee longevity.


This black walnut sink by Tilden Wood Sinks is not just a basin for daily use but a testament to sustainable practices, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative design.

Each sink is a piece of art, bringing the soul of woodworking into the intimate spaces of homes and promising to remain a timeless fixture for years to come.

See Dan’s full gallery here.


Here is a video showing the amazing process.

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