This will make wood chisels work SO MUCH better!

In the video “Three Ways to Sharpen a Chisel,” Stumpy Nubs offers a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of sharpening chisels, a crucial skill for any woodworker.

Stumpy presents three methods: the manual sandpaper method, a drill press technique, and the ultimate wet sharpener method. Each technique is thoroughly explained with pros and cons to help viewers choose the best approach for their needs.

Stumpy starts with the manual sandpaper method, emphasizing its low startup cost and simplicity. Using wet-dry sandpaper on a flat surface like plate glass or a granite tile, he demonstrates how to achieve a sharp edge. This method is ideal for beginners or those with a small budget, although Stumpy notes that the cost of sandpaper can add up over time. He advises using grits ranging from 220 to 1,000, and stresses the importance of polishing the back of the chisel to ensure a sharp edge.

Next, Stumpy introduces a faster method using a drill press. He showcases a kit that includes discs with adhesive-backed sandpaper and leather for polishing, which can be chucked into a drill press. This method significantly speeds up the sharpening process, especially for dull or damaged tools. Stumpy highlights the efficiency of this technique, particularly in creating a sharp edge quickly and effectively. However, he points out that it is mainly suited for chisels and narrow plane blades and requires careful setup to avoid crooked bevels.

Finally, Stumpy demonstrates the ultimate sharpening system: the Tormek wet sharpener. This versatile machine allows for precise sharpening with adjustable bevel angles and a stone that can change grits. Stumpy times the process, showing how quickly the Tormek can repair and sharpen even a severely damaged chisel. He praises the Tormek for its speed, precision, and versatility, capable of sharpening a wide range of tools beyond chisels.

Throughout the video, Stumpy’s clear explanations and practical demonstrations make the sharpening process accessible and understandable. His insights into the benefits and drawbacks of each method help viewers make informed decisions based on their needs and resources.

“Three Ways to Sharpen a Chisel” is an invaluable resource for woodworkers looking to enhance their skills and maintain their tools. Stumpy Nubs’ expertise and thorough approach ensure that viewers can achieve razor-sharp edges efficiently, improving their overall woodworking experience.

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