This is why I don’t build chairs

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In “How to Make Outdoor Chairs,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks embarks on a project to create a set of unique outdoor chairs, guided by a design generated through artificial intelligence.

Despite his initial reservations about the practicality of AI in furniture design, especially concerning comfort, Jon decides to bring these innovative chair concepts to life.

Jon begins by selecting sapeli wood for its durability and suitability for outdoor furniture. He emphasizes the importance of breaking down the long boards into more manageable pieces, aiming for minimal waste and ease of handling.

Jon’s process includes meticulous planning and cutting, ensuring each piece is precisely sized for the chair components.

Throughout the video, Jon shares valuable woodworking tips, such as the importance of milling lumber over several days to minimize warping and the strategic use of jigsaws and bandsaws for efficient material breakdown.

He also discusses the option of using surfaced three sides (S3S) lumber for those looking to simplify the project or avoid the extensive milling process.

Jon’s approach to the chair design involves creating tapers and angles on each piece, adding visual interest and complexity to the build. He demonstrates various techniques for achieving these cuts, including the use of a digital angle gauge and custom sleds for precise angles.

Assembly involves careful planning and the use of floating tenons for added strength, with Jon providing alternatives for those without access to specialized tools.

He emphasizes the importance of sanding interior pieces before assembly to save time and ensure a smooth finish.

Jon candidly shares the challenges and setbacks he encounters during the project, including measurement mistakes and issues with material selection.

His perseverance and problem-solving skills are evident as he navigates these obstacles, ultimately achieving a set of aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor chairs.

This video is not just a tutorial but a journey through the creative and technical aspects of woodworking. Jon’s willingness to tackle a project inspired by AI and his detailed documentation of the process offer valuable insights and inspiration for woodworkers of all levels.

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