This $.07 Upgrade Will Save You Hours

In “The Best Sandpaper for Woodworking – 3M Cubitron II Review,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks delves into the world of sandpaper, focusing on the performance and cost-effectiveness of 3M’s Cubitron II.

The video is a comprehensive analysis that compares this product against other sandpapers in the market, highlighting its unique features and potential savings for woodworkers.

Jon begins by discussing the importance of choosing the right sandpaper for woodworking projects, emphasizing that the quality of sandpaper can significantly affect both the efficiency of material removal and the final finish of the workpiece.

He references studies and tests conducted by Mike Taylor and Jonathan Katz-Moses, which provide compelling data on the removal rates and cost-effectiveness of various sandpapers, including the Cubitron II.

The Cubitron II is praised for its Precision-Shaped Grain (PSG) technology, which allows for faster material removal and longer disc life compared to traditional aluminum oxide or ceramic abrasives.

Jon explains how the PSG technology works, with the precisely shaped grains fracturing to form sharp cutting edges, leading to more efficient sanding.

Jon also addresses the cost per gram of wood removed as a critical metric for evaluating sandpaper.

Despite its higher upfront cost, the Cubitron II proves to be more economical in the long run due to its durability and efficiency. This point is crucial for woodworkers considering the overall value of their sanding materials.

Safety and proper sanding techniques are also discussed, with Jon advising viewers on how to achieve the best results while minimizing dust and maximizing the lifespan of their sandpaper.

He suggests that changing sandpaper at the right time can save time and improve the quality of the finish, even if the sandpaper still seems to have some life left in it.

Jon’s review is not just about praising the Cubitron II but also about educating viewers on making informed decisions regarding sandpaper.

He encourages woodworkers to consider not just the initial cost but also the performance and longevity of their sanding materials.

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