Thickness Planer Tune Up and Maintenance

In the video “Planer Maintenance and Blade Adjustment,” Jonathan Katz-Moses from Katz-Moses Woodworking presents an insightful guide on maintaining and tuning up a planer.

This video is a part of his “Tune-Up Thursday” series, where Jonathan shares practical advice to keep woodworking tools in optimal condition.

Jonathan begins by addressing common issues such as boards coming out unevenly and the buildup of wood sap or pitch.

He emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance and provides a comprehensive list of supplies needed, including drying lubricant, paste wax, and a cleaner like Simple Green. His methodical approach ensures that viewers can easily follow along and apply these tips to their own planers.

The video highlights several critical steps in planer maintenance. Jonathan demonstrates how to clean the planer thoroughly, emphasizing the need to unplug the tool for safety.

He shows how to remove dust and chips from the planer’s interior, clean the feed rollers, and lubricate the posts. These steps are crucial for maintaining the smooth operation of the planer and preventing damage.

One key segment of the video is Jonathan’s explanation of blade maintenance. He explains how to remove and inspect the blades, suggesting that instead of sharpening them, it’s often more efficient to replace them, as new blades are relatively inexpensive. Jonathan also provides a useful tip on marking the used side of double-sided blades to avoid confusion during future maintenance.

Jonathan’s clear, step-by-step instructions on adjusting the infeed and outfeed tables ensure that viewers can achieve a level and smooth surface, reducing issues like snipe. He recommends using a straight edge to check the alignment and adjusting the tables accordingly. This attention to detail helps viewers understand the importance of precise adjustments in achieving the best results.

Throughout the video, Jonathan’s practical tips and thorough demonstrations make complex maintenance tasks accessible. His advice on inspecting the drivetrain and ensuring there are no blockages in the dust collection system further reinforces the importance of comprehensive tool care.

“Planer Maintenance and Blade Adjustment” is an invaluable resource for woodworkers looking to extend the life of their planers and maintain their performance. Jonathan Katz-Moses’s expertise and clear teaching style provide viewers with the knowledge and confidence to tackle planer maintenance, ensuring their tools operate smoothly and efficiently.