the Tree Goblet by Xn-trix: Intricate Artistry

The Tree Goblet by Xn-trix, an exemplary piece of woodcraft by Tom Rauschke and Kaaren Wiken, is not just a vessel but a narrative sculpted from the heart of nature itself.

This goblet, turned from the trunk of an Ash tree, holds within its form the life and times of the tree, presenting a fusion of artistic expression and natural history.

Concept and Inspiration:

The Tree Goblet stands as an embodiment of Xn-trix’s deep connection to their home state of Wisconsin and their lifelong fascination with the natural world.

The Oak Tree Goblet, in particular, is a creation inspired by the varied forms and the grandeur of trees. Each branch and knot is a deliberate choice in telling the tale of the Ash tree from which it was carved.

Artistic Process:

The journey of the Tree Goblet from raw wood to finished artwork is a meticulous process of turning, cutting, and carving.

The ash wood’s bark has been preserved on the goblet’s surface, allowing an intimate view of the tree’s age through its rings—a count of the years etched in wood.

The irony of the piece, as Rauschke notes, lies in its transformation from a tree into a representation of itself, capturing the essence of the very material it’s made from.

Materials and Techniques:

Xn-trix’s choice of Ash wood for the goblet is a thoughtful one, highlighting the durability and the beautiful grain of the wood.

The carving techniques employed require a profound understanding of the wood’s grain pattern and properties, as well as a steady hand and an artistic eye to capture the delicate intricacies of a tree’s silhouette.

Skill and Craftsmanship:

Creating a piece like the Tree Goblet requires an advanced level of woodworking skill. The artists have managed to sculpt a complex, hollow structure that resembles the fine lacework of tree branches.

The finished product is a testament to their patience, precision, and creative vision.

For the Woodworker:

Woodworkers looking to emulate such a piece must have not only technical skill and experience with carving tools but also an artistic sense to envision and execute such a complex design.

It’s a blend of fine art and fine woodworking that results in a piece that transcends traditional woodcraft.


The Tree Goblet by Xn-trix stands as a remarkable feat of woodworking, inviting not only admiration but also introspection into the interplay between nature and human creativity.

For woodworkers, it serves as an inspiration and a challenge to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with wood, reminding us of the craft’s potential to create works of profound beauty and meaning.

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