The Tansu Staircase: Blending Functionality with Traditional Craftsmanship

The Tansu cabinet staircase is an innovative woodworking project that merges the practical aspects of storage with the essential functionality of a staircase.

The Tansu style, traditional to Japan, has been skillfully adapted to a staircase format. It provides an efficient use of space in what would typically be an area reserved solely for foot traffic.

Construction and Aesthetics

The staircase is composed of a series of drawers and cabinets of varying sizes arranged to form the steps and side storage units.

Its uniform wooden construction, likely crafted from hardwood for durability, resonates with the room’s natural warmth and inviting ambiance.

Utility and Tradition

Each drawer and cabinet has simple, wrought-iron handles that complement the minimalist aesthetic while ensuring easy access.

This design is about maximizing space and honoring the Tansu tradition of creating mobile and versatile storage solutions.

Custom-Built Approach

The Tansu staircase by Dan Mosenheim is custom-built, considering the space’s specific dimensions and requirements.

It is a testament to the woodworker’s ability to adapt traditional concepts to modern needs, creating a functional piece that evokes age-old craftsmanship.


This Tansu staircase represents the symbiosis of functional design and woodworking artistry. It’s a solution that proves essential in compact living spaces, where every inch counts, and showcases how traditional techniques can be transformed to fit contemporary lifestyles.

For woodworkers, this project inspires them to think beyond the conventional, exploring how every element in a home can be both practical and visually appealing.

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