The Suspended End Table: Functional Elegance (DIY Video Below)

The suspended end table is an innovative piece of furniture that combines functionality with a distinct aesthetic appeal.

The design showcases a blend of woodwork precision and an inventive approach to conventional furniture forms.

Design and Structure:

This table is characterized by a stable square base supporting a smaller upper platform through four vertical corner posts.

Above, an open frame forms a pyramidal roof, hinting at architectural influences.

Each corner of the upper frame is attached to the base with metal chains, creating the suspended effect that defines the piece.

Materials and Craftsmanship:

Constructed primarily from what appears to be high-quality softwood, the table’s natural grain is visible, offering a rustic yet refined look.

The wooden components are cut and assembled with precision, ensuring structural integrity and clean lines.

Metal chains are used for suspension, adding an industrial touch and contributing to the table’s stability and weight distribution.

Functionality and Versatility:

While the table serves the primary function of a surface to place items on, its unique design allows it to double as a decorative piece.

It’s ideal for small spaces, offering the utility of an end table without occupying excessive floor space due to its lifted design.

The use of a plant as an accessory in the image suggests the table can also be employed to enhance the aesthetics of an interior space with greenery.

For the Woodworker:

Creating a suspended end table like this requires a fundamental understanding of balance and material strength.

A woodworker attempting this design must be adept at creating stable joints, especially where the chains meet the wood, as well as finishing techniques that protect the wood while maintaining its natural beauty.


The suspended end table is a testament to the creative possibilities within woodworking.

It’s a functional piece of furniture that doesn’t compromise on style, making it suitable for modern homes that value both utility and design.

This piece exemplifies how traditional materials when crafted with innovation and precision, can be transformed into contemporary furnishings.

DIY Video

Here is a very similar design; watch it being built and make one yourself.

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