The Sahale: Architectural Mastery in Treehouse Design

The Sahale is an exquisite treetop cottage that embodies the creativity and intricate design work synonymous with Nelson Treehouse.

With its striking turret and conical roof, this treehouse offers a distinctive silhouette that blends naturally with its forested backdrop.

The inclusion of a fire pole adds an element of whimsy and adventure, complementing the practicality of its robust deck, which is protected by a well-constructed porch roof ideal for year-round enjoyment.

Construction and Spatial Design:

The first-floor interior spans 85 square feet and efficiently houses a cozy living space.

This area is maximized with built-in bench seating that smartly surrounds a central dining table, providing both functionality and comfort.

A space-saving spiral staircase provides access to the sleeping loft above, which offers a comfortable 60 square feet designed to accommodate a full-size bed.

This two-level design, paired with sixteen strategically placed windows, allows for panoramic views of the surrounding woodland.

Technical Challenges:

Building such an ambitious structure among the trees is no small feat; it comes with a difficulty rating of four out of five.

It requires a high level of expertise in treehouse construction, including understanding load distribution, tree growth, and movement.

The project demands advanced joinery skills, precise engineering, and a deep respect for the living trees that support the structure.

Materials and Insulation:

The wood chosen for this project is not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing, harmonizing with the natural environment.

The treehouse features ample insulation and weatherproofing, ensuring a comfortable interior regardless of the season.

Attention to detail in the woodwork, from the snug-fitting windows to the protective finish on the outdoor deck, reflects a dedication to craftsmanship and durability.

For the Woodworker:

The Sahale treehouse represents a challenge that only skilled woodworkers could rise to meet.

It combines traditional woodworking techniques with modern construction methods, requiring a comprehensive understanding of both.

It highlights the importance of detailed planning, from material selection to the implementation of complex design elements such as the turret and spiral staircase.


The Sahale by Nelson Treehouse is a testament to what can be achieved with skill, creativity, and a deep understanding of both the craft and the environment.

It stands not just as a functional dwelling but as a work of art that offers an immersive natural experience, echoing the treehouse builder’s ethos of living harmoniously within the forest canopy.


This is a really good DIY video from This Old House if you are looking to build a treehouse!