The real domino killer?

In “The Pocket Hole Joinery Revolution,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks delves into the innovative GSM Pocket Mill Pro and presents it as a potential game-changer in woodworking joinery.

This tool is introduced as a direct competitor to the well-known Festool Domino, but at a fraction of the cost, sparking interest in whether it can truly rival the performance and quality of its more expensive counterpart.

Jon begins by comparing the two tools, highlighting the Domino’s steep price tag and the Pocket Mill Pro’s more accessible cost.

This sets the stage for an in-depth analysis of their capabilities, design, and overall value. He emphasizes his commitment to an unbiased review by declining payment from JessEm, the maker of the Pocket Mill Pro, ensuring that his evaluation is based solely on the tool’s merits.

The video covers the Pocket Mill Pro’s design and build quality, noting its substantial feel and the use of durable materials like anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Jon points out a few shortcomings, such as the less-than-stellar assembly instructions, but praises the tool’s machining and GSM’s quality standards, a company known for its high-quality products.

Much of the review focuses on the operational differences between the Pocket Mill Pro and the Domino. The Pocket Mill Pro utilizes a drilling method with a carbide end mill attached to a custom-designed drill extension, contrasting with Domino’s routing approach.

Jon explains the step-down process employed by the Pocket Mill Pro, which allows for precise depth control during joinery.

Jon addresses potential concerns and questions from viewers, including the setup process, the tool’s ability to handle various woodworking tasks, and comparing speed and efficiency between the Pocket Mill Pro and the Domino.

He also discusses the cost of additional accessories and the overall investment required for each system.

Throughout the video, Jon provides a balanced view, acknowledging the Pocket Mill Pro’s strengths and limitations.

He appreciates its innovative approach to pocket hole joinery and its potential to offer a more affordable alternative to the Domino without claiming it surpasses the Domino in every aspect.

For woodworkers intrigued by the possibility of integrating the Pocket Mill Pro into their toolkit. It helps viewers make an informed decision based on their specific needs and budget.