The Most Unique Doormat You Can Make

In the video “The Most Unique Doormat You Can Make,” Steve Ramsey from Woodworking for Mere Mortals showcases an easy and distinctive woodworking project. This doormat not only serves a practical purpose but also makes for a thoughtful gift or a potentially profitable item for craft shows and online sales.

Steve begins by explaining the choice of materials, opting for an eight-foot long two-by-six Redwood board. He highlights the benefits of Redwood, including its natural insect resistance, weather durability, and sustainability. This choice of wood ensures that the doormat will be both functional and long-lasting.

The project kicks off with Steve cutting the Redwood into slats and explaining the importance of precise measurements. He uses a drill press to make uniform holes in each slat, ensuring that the alignment will be perfect when threading a 3/16-inch diameter steel rod through them. This meticulous attention to detail is crucial for the project’s success.

Steve’s use of neoprene washers as spacers between the slats adds both functionality and durability, ensuring that the doormat can withstand daily use. He discusses the challenges of threading the steel rods through the slats and offers practical tips for making this process smoother.

One of the standout features of the video is Steve’s demonstration of creating a chamfered edge on the slats, providing a sleek and modern look compared to traditional round-over edges. This choice in design adds to the unique aesthetic of the doormat.

After assembling the slats and temporarily fitting them together, Steve stains the wood with a Redwood deck stain, enhancing the wood’s natural beauty and providing extra protection against the elements. He then meticulously fits the slats into a frame, ensuring everything is perfectly aligned and secure.

To complete the project, Steve uses pocket screws to assemble the frame, a technique he defends against skeptics by showcasing a 12-year-old doormat made with the same method, which has held up remarkably well despite daily use.

Steve’s clear instructions, practical tips, and engaging presentation make this video an excellent resource for woodworkers of all skill levels. The unique doormat project is not only practical but also offers a satisfying woodworking experience, blending creativity with craftsmanship.

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