The Most AMAZING Flooring | How to Create End Grain Floors for your Home | Step by Step

In “How We Made Our Beautiful Ingrain Wood Floors,” Kate from Maypop Farms takes viewers through the process of creating unique and visually striking ingrained wood floors for their tiny house’s new bedroom addition.

This project showcases the beauty of using end cuts of wood to create a floor with a rich texture and pattern that’s both rustic and elegant.

Kate begins by sharing the inspiration behind choosing ingrained flooring, a technique where the end grain of wood is exposed, offering a distinct look compared to traditional wood flooring.

They sourced reclaimed heart pine wood flooring from a factory in South Carolina, selecting it for its character and suitability for this specific application.

The process involved planning the boards before cutting them into approximately 2,000 pieces, a task that underscores the project’s ambitious scale and the meticulous attention to detail required.

The laying of the floors is described as the “fun part,” with Kate expressing delight at how the floor’s appearance exceeded their expectations. The randomness of the wood pieces resulted in a unique pattern that added a special touch to their bedroom.

Final touches included rounds of sanding and the application of polyurethane to protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty.

Kate reflects on the finished product with pride, noting that the ingrained floors stand out as one of the most interesting features of their new bedroom.

Kate’s tutorial is not just a guide to creating ingrained wood floors but also an invitation to embrace creativity and the beauty of natural materials in home improvement projects.

The video encourages viewers to consider this technique for their next project, promising a rewarding and stunning outcome.

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