the Evans Coffee Table: A Harmonious Blend of Wood and Music

The Evans Coffee Table represents a harmonious marriage of inspired design and expert craftsmanship.

This table, a product of Bricker & Beam has become emblematic of their dedication to merging artistic inspiration with the functional art of furniture-making.

Design Origins:

The design of the Evans Coffee Table draws from the musical ingenuity of jazz composer Bill Evans.

His fluid compositions, which pushed the boundaries of jazz, serve as the muse for the table’s design, which challenges traditional forms with its innovative structure.

Construction and Aesthetics:

The table features a geometric base composed of solid wood elements arranged in a dynamic interplay of angles and planes.

The wood, with its rich, warm tones, is carefully selected for its grain patterns and color, lending each table a unique character.

The tabletop, a pane of clear glass, allows for an unobstructed view of the sculptural wood base, showcasing the woodworking craftsmanship in its purest form.

Versatility in Design:

The adaptability of the Evans Coffee Table is one of its key strengths. It is designed to be customizable in size and finish, accommodating an array of interior styles from minimalist to contemporary, proving its versatility.

The table can serve as a central piece in a living area, a functional artwork that complements various decor themes and color palettes.

Functionality Meets Form:

While the table’s aesthetic is undoubtedly striking, its construction does not eschew functionality. The robust base ensures stability, an essential consideration for a coffee table meant to withstand daily use.

Woodworkers looking to emulate such a design must balance the visual elements with the practical demands of a piece of furniture that is both a centerpiece and a staple of daily life.


The Evans Coffee Table stands as a testament to Bricker & Beam’s dedication to fine woodworking. It is a piece that encapsulates the spirit of jazz in its form – improvisational, expressive, and timeless.

Just as Bill Evans’s compositions continue to resonate with listeners, this coffee table endures as a favorite among those who appreciate the melding of artistic inspiration and the tangible craft of woodworking.

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