the CHEAP hardwood you should use instead

In the video “How Different Woods Affect Your Projects,” Drew Witt from Wittworks showcases the impact of different wood types on a coffee table project.

Drew starts by staining common pine from a big box store in walnut color to replicate the look of higher-end wood, a technique familiar to beginners.

He then contrasts this with a build using genuine black walnut, highlighting the stark differences in appearance and cost.

Drew further explores the use of alternative woods, including a high-end, hard-to-find hardwood, and demonstrates a cost-effective trick to achieve a luxurious look without breaking the bank.

He emphasizes the pitfalls of using cheaper materials, such as construction-grade lumber, and explains why these are unsuitable for fine furniture due to issues like poor stability and undesirable aesthetics.

Throughout the video, Drew shares practical tips on selecting the right materials, avoiding overpriced sellers, and navigating the complexities of wood types for various projects.

He also discusses the importance of understanding wood movement, proper gluing techniques, and the use of joinery to enhance the stability and appearance of the final product.

By comparing the costs and outcomes associated with different materials, Drew provides valuable insights into efficient budget management while achieving high-quality results.

The video serves as an informative guide for woodworkers at all levels, encouraging better material choices and refined craftsmanship in woodworking projects.

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