The ‘Charleston’ Trestle Table Pedestals: A Study of Strength and Elegance

The ‘Charleston’ trestle table pedestal set is made by Ray Brothers Woodwork.

These pedestals embody the convergence of robust construction and classical design, intended to support a dining table with grace and stability.

Design and Aesthetics:

The pedestals feature a traditional silhouette with a broad, solid base and an elegantly curved profile that narrows towards the center before flaring out to support the table’s top.

The details, including the stacked rings and spherical motifs, add a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

Material Excellence:

Crafted from 100% solid wood sourced within the USA, the choice of material speaks to the commitment to quality and sustainability.

The grain patterns visible on the surface of the pedestals are indicative of the natural beauty and strength inherent to the wood used.

Construction Details:

The substantial construction ensures that the pedestals will provide a stable foundation for a dining table.

The Ray Brothers Woodwork has demonstrated a keen understanding of weight distribution and structural integrity in their design, essential for the long-term durability of furniture.

Finish and Protection:

The pedestals appear unfinished in the image, revealing the natural pale hue of the wood. This presents an opportunity for the customer to choose a finish that complements their decor.

A proper finish will not only enhance the wood’s aesthetic but also provide a protective layer against wear and environmental factors.

For the Woodworker:

To replicate such pedestals, a woodworker must have advanced knowledge in lathe work for turning the detailed elements, as well as precision in carving for the intricate designs.

A thorough understanding of the wood’s properties is also crucial to ensure the final product can bear significant weight without compromising on the design.


The ‘Charleston’ trestle table pedestals from Ray Brothers Woodwork stand as a testament to the time-honored traditions of woodworking.

They are designed to offer both visual appeal and functional stability, making them a worthy addition to any dining space that values the warmth and enduring charm of solid wood construction.

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