Can You Sand Wet Wood?

Sanding Wood

We’ve measured and cut the wood for our project; glued, attached, and assembled the wood according to the project plans; and it’s now time to prepare the wood for our chosen finish.  We all know this drill and the progression …

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How To Sand Uneven, Curved & Irregular Wood Surfaces


As a woodworker, I understand the challenges of sanding uneven surfaces. This article is designed to guide you through effective techniques and tools for tackling irregular and curved wood surfaces. You’ll learn about hand sanding methods using tools like sanding …

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How to Remove Dust From Wood After Sanding

How To Remove Dust From Wood After Sanding

I’ve learned over the years that one of the most crucial steps in achieving a flawless wood finish on any woodworking project is thoroughly removing all dust from the wood after sanding. No matter how precise my cuts are or …

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How To Attach Sandpaper To An Orbital Sander

Hook and Loop Sandpaper

Proper sanding is a key step in almost all woodworking projects. While hand sanding is an option, it’s time-consuming (and not much fun). A more efficient choice is using a power sander, particularly a random orbital sander. As sandpaper wears …

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