How To Remove J-B Weld Safely

J-B Weld

There is the notion that nothing ever lasts forever and that things change always, in time.  Those thoughts crossed my mind as I was looking for a way to begin this piece. While J-B Weld is an excellent bonding agent, …

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Does J-B Weld Work On Wood?

J-B Weld Products

Joining things together is an integral part of woodworking.  All kinds of joinery techniques, creating a tabletop by gluing planks together, and more, are a part of the work we do in our shops.   When it comes to glues and …

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Does Wood Glue Work On Painted Wood?

Glue On White Board

We woodworkers are accustomed to using wood glues on raw wood.  Sometimes our woodworking project is assembling planks for a tabletop; sometimes, it’s in joinery work. But, it’s mostly with raw wood that, once the glue has dried and any …

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Does Wood Glue Work On MDF?

MDF Wood Glue

It’s likely we all began working with wood glue when we were kids.  Crafts time in school and woodworking time in shop class were all glue times for us. When we created our own woodworking shop, we continued to use …

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Does Hot Glue Work On Wood?

Hot Glue Gun on Wood

I’m not a crafty person…well, let me rephrase that:  I am not a crafts person.  I have friends who make crafts and sell them at craft fairs.  It’s a sideline for them, and making the crafts is more important to …

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Can You Screw Into Wood Glue?

Can You Screw Into Wood Glue

In matters of science and cutting-edge experiments, especially dangerous cutting-edge stuff, ethicists tell us we should ask two questions:  can we do this, and should we do this?  Dangers can lurk in experiments, and we don’t want to test a …

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How To Thin Wood Glue

How To Thin Wood Glue

Those of us who are proficient in the kitchen know that it’s important to put lids and covers on tightly to prevent food from going bad in some way.  Sometimes that bad can be a film forming on the top; …

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What Are The Disadvantages of Using Wood Glue?

What Are The Disadvantages of Using Wood Glue

Every woodworking shop uses glue on almost every project, even if the workpieces are also being joined by screws.  Pocket hole joinery creates strong bonds, but a little glue adds that extra measure of joint strength.  Clamps are as ubiquitous …

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Is Elmer’s Glue PVA?

Is Elmer's Glue PVA

If you have a home woodworking shop, you no doubt have glue in it as a part of your shop inventory.  Many actually like to keep a variety of glues on hand and which one is chosen for use is …

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Does Super Glue Work on Wood?

Does Super Glue Work on Wood

When speaking with family and friends who are getting into woodworking, I’m often asked, “Does super glue work on wood?” QUICK ANSWER: Yes, super glue works effectively on wood, especially for small pieces. It bonds quickly and is versatile but …

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How Long To Let Wood Glue Dry Before Planing?

How Long To Let Wood Glue Dry Before Planing

Many, if not most, of your woodworking projects will encounter gluing, whether you are gluing panel pieces to create a tabletop, cabinet door, or joint. Depending on the glue used, the drying time might be minutes or hours, and each …

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Is Wood Glue Stronger Than Screws?

Is Wood Glue Stronger Than Screws

You’ve likely heard the expression “belt and suspenders” and understand its meaning.  Better to be safe, so to speak, don’t want your pants falling down at an inopportune moment. That same discussion can be had about glue and screws.  We …

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How Strong is Gorilla Wood Glue?

Gorilla Wood Glue

Perhaps you remember that old advertisement with a construction worker hanging from a steel beam after applying some Gorilla Glue to his work helmet. It was a silly demonstration, but Gorilla Glue is pretty strong.  Many of us have used …

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How Strong Is Wood Glue?

Why is Wood Glue So Strong

Glues today are very strong, stronger, even than the wood they join. They are also effective adhesives with other materials too, but we’ll focus our attention on wood. Wood Glue Shear Strength Wood glue really does hold, and in most …

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How Long Does Wood Glue Take To Dry?

How Long Does it Take for Wood Glue to Dry

Ever wondered how long you should wait for wood glue to set? Or to remove your woodworking clamps? A lot depends on the glue you’re using. One common type is PVA (such as the brand Titebond), which you might know …

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